AligoAI signs MOU with Dexter Krema

May 22, 2024

AligoAI and Dexter Krema, AI based digital marketing specialist, announced on May 16 that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for AI technology collaboration and joint business promotion. Through this agreement, both parties have agreed to collaborate on overseas joint business of their respective products, API-based integration of their platforms, and joint content production for global e-commerce platforms. Two companies will initially focus on developing AI marketing solutions that can be efficiently used for marketing operations, as well as developing and expanding sales of generative AI assistant solutions based on corporate internal databases. AligoAI provides CeleVu, an AI-based famous celebrity image licensing platform that allows model search and portrait right contracts to be completed within 15 minutes. Depending on product features, brand concepts, and advertising budgets, the AI algorithm recommends the most suitable models and supports the immediate use of desired model images for online advertising. The company has secured actors from Just Entertainment such as Kim Ju-ryeong, who appeared in “Queen of Tears(2024)”, “Big Bet(2022)” and “Squid Game (2021)” and also actors from ann Company such as Kim Ui-seong, who appeared in “12.12: The Day (2023)”, “Assassination (2015)” and “The Face Reader (2013)”. Dexter Krema has been conducting research and development to introduce generative AI to innovate the time and cost involved in the existing business pipeline. They have developed ADPLORER, a customization method based on their prompt engineering, leveraging large language models (LLMs) from big tech companies. They also promote the advancement of 'Celtech' features, providing influencer group purchase solutions and advocate for a comprehensive solution for highly personalized marketing in the AI era. Dexter Krema CEO, Dongjin Son stated, “Since last year, Dexter Krema has been leading the advancement of various AI marketing services,” adding, “By integrating CeleVu's ad model matching feature into our AI marketing solution, we will help more customers perform highly personalized marketing quickly and efficiently.” AligoAI CEO, Janghyuk Lee mentioned, “Through this agreement, we will firmly establish Celevu as a platform that introduces Korean celebrities into the rapidly growing global online advertising market, currently dominated by short-term execution.”